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Design Ideas | De Spirt Mosaic & Marble

Thank you for choosing DeSpirt to help you achieve your new design scheme.

If you are building a house, doing a complete remodel, or simply replacing your countertops, here is a step by step process to help you through…

  1. Take into consideration the “look” you would like to achieve, take advantage of our kitchen visualizer to help you get a personalized look. You can also browse the internet and find pictures of what you like. Save or print these pictures so you can refer back to them whenever needed and share them with the people involved in your project.
  2. If you are building or remodeling go to your local (or a recommended) kitchen and bath design store. There, they will help you choose the layout of your new kitchen or bath and help you narrow down cabinet colors and styles. Usually they will provide you with a floor plan and print out of what your new kitchen or bath will look like. They can also supply you with a sample door of the cabinet you chose, it helps to bring this when viewing slabs so you get the correct color.
  3. Once you have your cabinet color chosen you will want to find the perfect countertop to complete your design scheme please click on the links below- this will give you an idea of some slab colors our suppliers have available.
  4. At your convenience call DeSpirt 716.892.5294 and ask to speak with Jacqueline or Paul. We will request that you provide us with the floor plan the kitchen and bath design store gave you, or if you are replacing your countertops but keeping your existing cabinets, a simple drawing of your current floor plan with measurements and appliance locations. You can supply this drawing by making an appointment to meet with one of us; or you can email either of us at or, fax us at 716.892.5321, or send it by regular mail. We will also want to know some other basics about your project such as…
    • Will you be using an undermount or drop in sink?
    • Is your stove a free standing, slide in, or Cooktop?
    • Will you want a tile backsplash or a stone backsplash that matches your countertop?
    • What edge style would you prefer?
  5. After we have all of the information, we will give it to the estimator who will work up your price on an individual basis. Then we will call you with your pricing.
  6. When you decide it is time to move ahead with your project let us know, we will get started on the final steps to ensure you end up with your desired design scheme

Key points to keep in mind:

  • Finding the perfect countertop can be a time consuming and confusing process- that is why DeSpirt is here to help, we will help guide you through the process and will do our best to help you achieve your perfect design scheme
  • You must love your stone, do not settle or try and talk yourself into liking a particular slab because it’s more convenient. If you love your stone you will always feel satisfied and comfortable that you made the perfect decision.
  • It is usually more economical to purchase a smaller in-stock piece if you are doing a bathroom vanity top- we have these here at our warehouse and are more than willing to show them to you, just call Jacqueline or Paul at 716.892.5294 to set up an appointment
  • DeSpirt does not do square foot pricing; instead we do per job pricing. This is because every stone and every project is different. We prefer to treat you and your project as an individual, instead of lumping you into a group.
  • It helps to bring a door or drawer from your cabinets to help aid in choosing your slab.
  • If you are doing a tile backsplash, it is better to choose your tile after you choose your slab. This way you can be sure they will coordinate.